Assorted UW websites hacked

Students and community members who attempted to access the UW’s enrollment webpage Thursday afternoon were likely unable to find what they were looking for: The enrollment site, and several other UW-run web pages, were hacked. 

Parking argument in U-District escalates assault

A parking argument in the U-District Sunday night resulted in the hospitalization of one man and the arrest of another. 

According to a report from the Seattle Police Department, at 1:33 a.m., a UW junior began arguing with a woman over a parking spot at Northeast 55th Street and Brooklyn Avenue Northeast. That woman and another told the police the suspect became upset and punched them both. 

Boeing and UW students collaborate in new research lab

In the UW Mechanical Engineering Building’s basement, Boeing employees and UW students work together in a new research lab intended to solve problems faced by the aerospace giant.

The 4,300-square-foot Boeing Advanced Research Center (BARC) is populated with busy students, cross sections of airplane wings, and robots that promise to make the complex process of building an aircraft easier for workers. 


Douglas seals UW’s perfect January with three-set win

An errant shot almost coaxed some emotion out of Jake Douglas on Saturday. But just as the eternally calm freshman from Rolling Hills, Calif., was going to fret another lost point in his second set against Eastern Washington’s Robert Dula, he slowly lowered his arms and reset his face back to neutral.

Golden Bears throttle Huskies in California

The Washington women’s basketball team has done one thing exceptionally well this season: Score points.

Women’s relay team highlights opening day of meet

Day one of the UW Invitational ended with a bang Friday night, as the Washington women’s distance medley relay (DMR) team most likely qualified for nationals with a time of 11:05.38.


Free Speech Friday: Week of Jan. 30, 2015

See what The Daily's readers had to say this week.

The take: Homelessness — The logic behind giving homes to the homeless

When I was in high school, I went on a service trip to Washington, D.C. While there, we participated in a program where we went out onto the street and gave socks to people who were homeless. All we asked for in return — if people were willing — was to hear their story. Some people just took the socks and left, but the vast majority sat and spoke with us. For me, an upper-middle-class kid who grew up in the suburbs, it was an eye-opening experience.

The take: Homelessness — What the foster care system can do to decrease youth homelessness

For most kids, 18th birthdays mean celebrating the perks of adulthood, maybe registering to vote, perhaps buying a lottery ticket. Perhaps they are anticipating their upcoming move to college. And it’s more than likely they have the love and support of their parents behind them. 

Arts & Leisure

Film review: ‘Still Alice,’ dir. Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland

Julianne Moore reinforces that she is one of the most talented women in Hollywood


A presidential address

UW students work to bring President Obama to 2015 graduation ceremony

For the love of song

Street performers along the Ave share why they busk

The making of a mascot

Inside the world of Dubs, the UW's 13th live mascot.


UW researchers developing treatment for Celiac Disease

Victims of Celiac disease, the genetically debilitating condition that forces many to steer clear of gluten, may finally be getting treatment.

Ingrid Swanson Pultz, senior research fellow at the UW Institute for Protein Design, is developing an enzyme that will break down gluten in the stomach, allowing those diagnosed with Celiac disease to safely digest gluten. The enzyme, KumaMax named from the model enzyme her team used called Kumamycin, will be in pill-form.

Campus Pulse

Docs on demand at UW Medicine Virtual Clinic

Last week, UW Medicine launched a virtual health care clinic where Washington state residents can get answers to their health care concerns 24/7.

UW mechanical engineers protect sea life from marine construction

A sharp sound pulses through the water, emitting pressure waves like a mini explosion. Whale and seal ears are damaged, fish flip upside down, and drown as their swim bladders, or inner-balancing systems, pop like balloons. The sound happens again and again. Marine construction is occurring above water, and the hammering of giant metal piles into the seafloor is extremely loud.

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