Police investigating after burglary north of campus

The Seattle Police Department (SPD) is investigating after a residential burglary in the U-District early Friday morning.

Jandhyala appointed Vice Provost for Innovation

Vikram Jandhyala, a UW professor of electrical engineering and inaugural Center for Commercialization (C4C) entrepreneurial faculty fellow assumed the new position of Vice Provost for Innovation July 1.

Take the UW out to the ball game

Though there was at least one Cougar fan booing in the audience, UW students, faculty, and staff enjoyed a warm night out Saturday at Safeco Field’s UW Night.


Year in review: Athlete of the year

This has been a year full of memorable performances from athletes who will be remembered at the UW for years to come.

I wish I could have redshirted

After four years, a Daily columnist says farewell

Year in review: Moment of the year

It’s been a dramatic year on Montlake. From the opening of new stadiums to multiple Washington teams making runs in the NCAAs, there have been quite a few notable achievements in the 2013-14 academic year. Those achievements will be remembered as snapshots, moments in a year filled with fantastic ones. Here are a few Daily sportswriters’ picks for the best moment of the year.


How does it feel to be a college graduate?

So. I graduated. I wore a goofy black robe and a goofy square hat with goofy tassels and took pictures with my friends. I listened to Steve Ballmer yell loud, incoherent things about football, about carpe diem, and whatnot. I took swigs from a flask on the Husky Stadium field. I stood up, turned about and waved to the speckled dots that I was led to believe were my parents and siblings. I walked across that stage and shook a blur of hands. I got this weird leather case with a letter congratulating me -— markedly, no diploma was present.

Get your hobby off my lobby: My uterus is none of your business

On June 30, 2014, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled five to four on Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, allowing for companies owned by a small group with closely-held religious beliefs to deny their employees access to birth control methods and services via insurance. The court, in this decision, ensured that individual rights would continue to be trumped by religious rights. 

Real dialogue requires tolerance: Hostility is the antithesis of effective communication

When someone initiates a conversation with me that begins with an insult, pointed vulgarity, or aggression, I find it a little hard to listen to what they’re saying. Chances are I’m not alone in this; we humans are reactionary, emotional creatures — our brains are literally wired to trigger at certain things and to respond instantly, without thought.

Arts & Leisure

Film review: 'And So It Goes'

When it comes to comedy these days, Hollywood often takes either of two paths: too raunchy or too stale. Because of this tendency to cater to a narrow audience, comedies that speaks to people of all ages and backgrounds are rare today.

Theater review: 'Jane Eyre'

Tragic is a life without love

Book review: 'The Shadow Hero'

Take note Michael Bay; this is how you reboot a turtle-based intellectual property


Ozymandias, ramp of ramps

A colossal wreck, boundless and bare sits just west of the UW campus. Situated on the north end of the arboretum, on land that is property of the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), and technically a part of the 520 freeway, are the ramps to nowhere. This concrete that progress forgot is anything but ignored; the space where land meets water and industry meets nature remains a place of interest and a destination for many.

Rising above the Mean

Pedro Arellano-Camarena didn’t always see himself graduating from college, much less pursuing a master’s degree. School wasn’t necessarily his strength, so to speak.

Sickness and stigma

*Editor’s note: Name has been changed to protect privacy.

If someone was going through their day with a broken arm or a crippling fever, they would be encouraged to seek medical attention. To not do so would be ignoring an obvious ailment. 


Seeing is believing

An eye-opening way to measure intraocular pressure

Campus pulse

News from the UW research community

A ferroelectrifying approach

Ferroelectric research may lead to a new way of detecting heart diseases

Double Shot

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